22 June 28 2014 . 25 years today . Happy Birthday Oscar . A memory in the flora

Today is a true celebration. 25 years ago a baby was born. My baby, Oscar.

The baby that was, is now an independent, highly competent and mature individual. Babies only need the opportunity to do all the work and they get there.

The sun is shining and it is going to be a brilliant day. Nature reviews.

IMG_4068 IMG_4065

Now that the time is right for you to be completely in focus, there is no mistaking your place and contribution. Within the greater scheme, it was always there. Shaded, protected with just enough light, for many passing seasons it would remain quiet, calm, modest, but multi-facetted. But how pure, very, very pure, piercingly bright in just enough quantity, and positioned in the right place for others, especially the justful,  to spot the potential.

Time itself  has no choice but to progress. It has to hope that you will have recognised the times for what they are, the right time to know exactly when to flourish, once of course others in the scene have been allowed take their course.

On the way you have gathered many friends, big and small. The closest, share your scene with the individuality, integrity and watchfulness to partner you for life. Here they are to celebrate your day and your future. These belong to you. You are now naturally at your best. A Very Happy Birthday Oscar. A true blue flower.  Forget-me-not.  X

IMG_4068 IMG_4148 IMG_4041 IMG_4122



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21 Another month is closing…June UNCUT. Natural Nature . PINK

IMG_9024  IMG_8993  IMG_8890  IMG_8840

PINK  . Touching and transforming. Found petals and flowers tells a story of the month’s summer light.

One can see the rising and setting hues of the month’s mornings and evenings within the  frames of uncut, natural nature.

Tinged . Strewn . Vapourising . Travelling

The light in June speeds in all directions.

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20 Moonset Hour at the dandelion clock. Tis the time of BLUE, VIOLET and INDIGO

On England’s Longest Day At 21.21 GMT there was 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight.

As soon as the moon begins to set rise on Midsummer, it is the turn of the 3 most patient suitors on the short, curved passes of the spectrum to come into their own, the “blues”. In contrast to the high lusty scarlets and neon dramas of glowing oranges and sunset peaches, the shorter end of the chroma provide a much needed relaxed demeanour across garden and field.


Not necessarily known to be overly passionate as with the crimsons reputation, nevertheless a blue can be a perfect partner, loyal and hard-working. To their loved ones, such as the worker bees on the lavenders, the blues have their moments. They can be undeniably handsome, helpful, and learn to be very reliable especially in later life. Always, their bouquet is deep and thoughtful.  They are not just moody blue, shrinking violet and introspective indigo,  their selections are made with creative philosophy.

IMG_4270 IMG_4261 IMG_4308

Using the hours of the whole Summer Solstice party, the afternoon time of Midsummer Day mixed with the first moments of the changing equinox and moonset,  provides inspiration for Natures’s “official accountants” . This Midsummer bouquet would contain the sky from afternoon,starlight hours and dawn.

IMG_4395 IMG_4515

Destiny’s responsibility for the “blues” to oversee the mid season’s finances is highly prestigious.. At this very hour of the year,  their skill is the common sense of the counting house, providing an audit of energy use. Hence their buds, leaves and flowers are modest and economic in Nature and by nature. The trumpets of golden daffodils and full bloom roses is far too extravagant a style, the “blues”  have their listening ears and watchful eyes close to the ground and branches; that is their place and they are proud of it. It is also well noted by all mature plants in garden and field, that violets only shrink, they do not vanish.

As  dawn awaited this morning, the scene was very soft. The final hour of one fluff on the moon-waning dandelion clock had  finally arrived.


At 5am, a pigeon cooed  the final party hours just before the last goodbyes to the guests of the summer courting party. Until another midsummer dusk…


On the very same Sunday morning, just over four hours later, at precisely many fluffs past dandelion GMT,  there would be new changes waiting in the flora to herald a glorious new time of  summer sun passing over England. The blues will be watching the dandelion clock….. thousands of them.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 09.46.24


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19 Will you feel the love this weekend?… How to work the Shakespeare magic of midsummer romance ….

Blessed by the gods, the magic will come together this weekend.   From Shakespeare’s green and pleasant land, the freshness of  midsummer abounds, exactly as Nature intended with a little floral romance.

IMG_3360 IMG_3477 IMG_2991 IMG_2938 IMG_2922 IMG_3143 IMG_3057

Only a bouquet of upright Englishness mixed with the light of dawn and dusk could progress Hermia’s and Lysander’s weekend adventure in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Near Birmingham.

Near Birmingham, known as the Black Country, is full of flowers and romance, but also surprise. As in the Bard’s very own original, imaginative and visionary words:

” After a cup of tea,  love in West Midlands suburbia, in the midst of the modern digital age could be very surprising…..Thus.”

The Bard, was from Far Birmingham,  Stratford-upon -Avon, and is also credited with the phrase:  ” Stay tuned.”

From “Consultations within the Enchanted Wood”  where mixing for creative artwork happens strictly using original photographs and imagination.

THE ENCHATED WOOD - THE POOL 2014-06-20 at 00.00.15



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18 The goodness of green. CHROMA 3 .

Green. Life’s water-carrier.


Remove green from our environment and we remove the passageways of water to create and sustain life,  our one access to the subtle presence of water in our atmosphere. The green reality is all about water.

In Nature, water makes itself visible to us through the carrier of the green chroma. No wonder it is the symbol of refreshment and recouperation, it holds beverage. Its subtle presence in sustaining us is far more important than we estimate. Water is always seeking land-locked ways in its variety of plant forms to be near us, how nifty that it should be contained in the 24 hours convenience stores of leaves and trees for our benefit.

We can all be too easily dismissive of its power and wisdom, and underestimate the importance of its subtlety. With green, we do not even have to eat it, simply having it in abundance, right next to us does us the power of good. It is this stationary presence of water we should surround ourselves by to gain the benefits.  Its nutritional value passing through the ether might be aesthetic,  but to enjoy its pleasant and sometimes very extraordinary form is actually a necessity. What we are actually doing is surrounding ourselves by living water tables. We should insist that we are served at those as a matter of course.

IMG_3639 IMG_3650

The serving of one new leaf – from the exotica of an ornamental museum garden to the ordinary pavement – has a role to fulfil. It holds and represents an abundance of water. It is a green and pleasant land in its own right, with brilliantly designed tributaries waiting to pick up and react with nutrients and organisms on the way to maturity.


Towards the end of a leaf’s life,when it dehydrates, it has to lose its moisture because the water has completed its work. Green-ness can not be maintained  when there are no more jobs for the water to do. The leaf has to then transform to become mineral and will go to the ground as a future nutrient.


At the right time of year,  only the length of sunlight gives permission for water to become visible to us once again. Life is no more and no less. In a new Spring, then the gift of green come back. Through that other gift,  our very evolved vision,  we are able to see the green to know that water is present. We are able to maximise our senses and enjoy green as that beautiful refreshing visual monitor and the sign of new life and refreshment.


Green is perhaps the most important gift from the spectra. Situated centrally in the spectrum, its position balances the 6 other key chroma perfectly.  Without the presence of green, life has no equilibrium; with it,  water has been given visibility and so the planet lives.  Its effects are truly extraordinary.


Nature as it happened was yesterday from the trees and pavements in Imperial College grounds.  The latter photos in the gardens of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK 14.30-16.00 GMT.


End of GREEN Chroma.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.04.44


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17 Chroma 2 . ORANGES + YELLOWS . All the Sun’s glory

Orange. Fire-like. Transformational.

IMG_3418 IMG_3360

Its place is at sunrise and sunset.


Yellow Fellows.


Within the yellow chroma, on Earth, in England, from garden to wayside, yellow flowers are frequently small and often clumped together. As “Sun on Earth”, they offer the palest lemony whispers to boldest golds and neon citrics.

IMG_3387  IMG_3303

Plant life would be non-existent without yellow. In both petal and also leaf, it provides gaiety and happiness, but most importantly it is the flora’s ultimate purpose of being  – it exists for the sole pleasure of the “pollenators”.  Yellow, practical as well as a courageous hue.  Its brightness is about skill and talent. It belongs to the daytime sun.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 22.54.40                                                                      END OF YELLOW + ORANGE CHROMA

Stourbridge  . England 16.00 -19.45 GMT

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16 Midsummer REDS . Fit for a dream

When the Goddess of the Rainbow owns the power over the purity of the spectrum, she wisely bestows its permutations to many more helpers across Nature.

In the chroma at high summer, the colour red is not all about Iris’s spectrum scarlet. That would be too much strength,  just a little is fine as even the finest goddesses have to rest. She loans it out, but if part of the scarlet spectrum has been left in her trail during a midsummer afternoon, one should never assume this is by accident. These serve as deceptively simple reminders of that ever watchful omnipotent presence.


For a few brief moments, Midsummer’s red glories will belong to the other unseen, the Shakespearean flower fairies.  Their presence suddenly becomes very visible as the longest day swiftly approaches.

Red, the premium light ray,  is also the colour which signals transformation.  For a winged creature , such as a Shakespearean fairy, a rose dress hanging out to dry is not just a wash and dry process, but a ritual for the midsummer wardrobe, new fabric, new colours, new beginnings.


At night what was pink reveals it was really made of yellow.


At midsummer season, magnificence of youth and beauty is rightfully celebrated. This plump pinkness, the very ‘Bengal Rose’,  was created by mixing red with water, indigo and electric blues, along with china whites, for a heady neon glow.  Its colour story unfolds on the petal.


‘Bengal Rose’….red with water, indigo, electric blues….china whites

Within the floral community, Shakespeare understood exactly this time of year. At night,  the flowers know exactly what time they are in and their allegiances, because they set the scene, Midsummer is the courting season of the year. {One must read Midsummer Night’s Dream and feel how Nature with imagination,  influenced William’s mighty quill}.

The night’s current colours work across pink to burgundy with flashes of bright hues, both saturated and translucent. It is all dreamy, very dreamy and a ready part of the background scenery for a 2014 Hermia and Lysander to pass by. Here they both are.


There is a current trend to tie the knot in the UK,  within this favourite play, Theseus’ makes a reminder to Hermia that here on earth married women are happier than unmarried ones. Given Theseus’ thoughts, I shall assume that Heaven must be for the happiness of the unmarried. I never thought that marriage was a quest to preserve a long mortality,  quite the opposite. It is amazing what colours one’s view on life.

Theseus to Hermia:

But earthlier happy is the rose distilled                                                                                                                                                                          Than that which withering on the virgin thorn                                                                                                                                                        Grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness.

Midsummer Night’s Dream . William Shakespeare


No shortage of housing for newly wed fairies across the flora at Midsummer

Each afternoon, well before before dusk comes, it should not be forgotten that Iris will have left subtle,  fresh reminders of her watchful presence over Midsummer fairies in secret places through spectrum red.  Pure power is everything.


RED CHROMA INDEX   June 16 16.00 GMT-22.00 GMT . Stourbridge . England

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 07.54.30

The End of Midsummer RED


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