22 June 28 2014 . 25 years today . Happy Birthday Oscar . A memory in the flora

Today is a true celebration. 25 years ago a baby was born. My baby, Oscar.

The baby that was, is now an independent, highly competent and mature individual. Babies only need the opportunity to do all the work and they get there.

The sun is shining and it is going to be a brilliant day. Nature reviews.

IMG_4068 IMG_4065

Now that the time is right for you to be completely in focus, there is no mistaking your place and contribution. Within the greater scheme, it was always there. Shaded, protected with just enough light, for many passing seasons it would remain quiet, calm, modest, but multi-facetted. But how pure, very, very pure, piercingly bright in just enough quantity, and positioned in the right place for others, especially the justful,  to spot the potential.

Time itself  has no choice but to progress. It has to hope that you will have recognised the times for what they are, the right time to know exactly when to flourish, once of course others in the scene have been allowed take their course.

On the way you have gathered many friends, big and small. The closest, share your scene with the individuality, integrity and watchfulness to partner you for life. Here they are to celebrate your day and your future. These belong to you. You are now naturally at your best. A Very Happy Birthday Oscar. A true blue flower.  Forget-me-not.  X

IMG_4068 IMG_4148 IMG_4041 IMG_4122



© 2014 La Floralie

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