86 And it was a curious thing

These early days of Spring.

As new light entered into our North, the innocence of the Hawthorn blossoms became very stirred. They were beginning to realise their situation was not at all in their control.


The safety of the hedgerow thicket was not a guarantee, only the changing weather could be constant. Against the ageing lichen on their twigs, what might be in store for the papery and demure with just five petals to define it in all elements?

Huddled together, the handsome Magnolias, not yet open, were in awe, silently intuiting the sky. Around the corner, on the ground, one of the toughest plants in Suburbia, was curling inwards at a ‘happening’.



The Happening

At this time of year, when Spring flowers starts to emerge, sometimes angel wings can be seen to trail right across the sky. It is a very rare viewing.

Only when the white blossom opens, is the signal released for all nationalities of angels to stretch the length of day. In doing so, their wings elongate considerably, and consequently have to be released.

Once this happens,  the April showers will fall. When all buds and trees crowd to watch this unique spectacle, they know that actually their own Spring rain truly comes from above. They just know. It is very scientific.


All angels wings, are made of purest, unpolluted water vapour. These defy gravity and float upwards to rush across the world, underlit by the setting sun. Only visible to the small and humble.


© 2015 La Floralie