19 Will you feel the love this weekend?… How to work the Shakespeare magic of midsummer romance ….

Blessed by the gods, the magic will come together this weekend.   From Shakespeare’s green and pleasant land, the freshness of  midsummer abounds, exactly as Nature intended with a little floral romance.

IMG_3360 IMG_3477 IMG_2991 IMG_2938 IMG_2922 IMG_3143 IMG_3057

Only a bouquet of upright Englishness mixed with the light of dawn and dusk could progress Hermia’s and Lysander’s weekend adventure in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Near Birmingham.

Near Birmingham, known as the Black Country, is full of flowers and romance, but also surprise. As in the Bard’s very own original, imaginative and visionary words:

” After a cup of tea,  love in West Midlands suburbia, in the midst of the modern digital age could be very surprising…..Thus.”

The Bard, was from Far Birmingham,  Stratford-upon -Avon, and is also credited with the phrase:  ” Stay tuned.”

From “Consultations within the Enchanted Wood”  where mixing for creative artwork happens strictly using original photographs and imagination.

THE ENCHATED WOOD - THE POOL 2014-06-20 at 00.00.15



© 2014 La Floralie












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