18 The goodness of green. CHROMA 3 .

Green. Life’s water-carrier.


Remove green from our environment and we remove the passageways of water to create and sustain life,  our one access to the subtle presence of water in our atmosphere. The green reality is all about water.

In Nature, water makes itself visible to us through the carrier of the green chroma. No wonder it is the symbol of refreshment and recouperation, it holds beverage. Its subtle presence in sustaining us is far more important than we estimate. Water is always seeking land-locked ways in its variety of plant forms to be near us, how nifty that it should be contained in the 24 hours convenience stores of leaves and trees for our benefit.

We can all be too easily dismissive of its power and wisdom, and underestimate the importance of its subtlety. With green, we do not even have to eat it, simply having it in abundance, right next to us does us the power of good. It is this stationary presence of water we should surround ourselves by to gain the benefits.  Its nutritional value passing through the ether might be aesthetic,  but to enjoy its pleasant and sometimes very extraordinary form is actually a necessity. What we are actually doing is surrounding ourselves by living water tables. We should insist that we are served at those as a matter of course.

IMG_3639 IMG_3650

The serving of one new leaf – from the exotica of an ornamental museum garden to the ordinary pavement – has a role to fulfil. It holds and represents an abundance of water. It is a green and pleasant land in its own right, with brilliantly designed tributaries waiting to pick up and react with nutrients and organisms on the way to maturity.


Towards the end of a leaf’s life,when it dehydrates, it has to lose its moisture because the water has completed its work. Green-ness can not be maintained  when there are no more jobs for the water to do. The leaf has to then transform to become mineral and will go to the ground as a future nutrient.


At the right time of year,  only the length of sunlight gives permission for water to become visible to us once again. Life is no more and no less. In a new Spring, then the gift of green come back. Through that other gift,  our very evolved vision,  we are able to see the green to know that water is present. We are able to maximise our senses and enjoy green as that beautiful refreshing visual monitor and the sign of new life and refreshment.


Green is perhaps the most important gift from the spectra. Situated centrally in the spectrum, its position balances the 6 other key chroma perfectly.  Without the presence of green, life has no equilibrium; with it,  water has been given visibility and so the planet lives.  Its effects are truly extraordinary.


Nature as it happened was yesterday from the trees and pavements in Imperial College grounds.  The latter photos in the gardens of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK 14.30-16.00 GMT.


End of GREEN Chroma.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.04.44


© 2014 La Floralie

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