14 ” Consciousness opens…” Gradually.


Dreaming Papaver Orientale

What a rude, but very necessary awakening was required, to know that in truth, we are all only ruled by 2 fundamental life-giving powers. Water and sun. Last weekend, I was about to learn first hand how an entire lifetime’s glory can be made and lost in just a few days through the subtle, but dynamic effects of the two life ingredients we all take for granted.

This became an intense 3 day inner processing. Uncompromising. The way that warm sun and heavy showers moved through the days was like watching grace mix with wrath. This was Nature’s call and it was righteous.


Papaver Orientale in the Morning Garden

Sun and Water

Many plants and flora are frequently programmed to live out their entire lifespan well within  just 3 days. 72 hours. What a creative challenge for such a short time clock. That full cycle of procreation, permitting the sweetness of birth to the permanence of decay is only granted subject to the available supply and mix of sun and water.

IMG_1939    IMG_2013


As we orbit around the sun,  its rays are precisely measured for perfect seasonal recipe. Day to night, minute by minute, and second by second, the short life of the flora are simply part of the universal grand plan. There is never any choice, only Chance; chance that the weather may play its hand slightly differently to prolong a flower or plant’s life as the proverbial clock of the sun ticks by.


From under the canopy of petals,  flowers will talk. Blooms talk to blooms and blooms to seed heads. They can  frequently be seen  busy in conversation about their journeys on ‘the path‘ . This photograph illustrates one such seed head and new bloom in  conversation after the storm last Saturday.


Seed head and new bloom conversing after Saturday’s dawn storm


Poppy family portrait. 3 generations maintaining their petal and seed power . “Togetherness after the storm”.  In The Morning Garden.

Above is a rare portrait of three generations together preparing for the path, Elder Poppy with Midlife Poppy, and current society darling – Baby Poppy. Says Elder Poppy:

A sensible full bloom recognises it is only on part of a journey to ultimately become a seed head,  for this life’s journey is ‘the path’. 

Within its seasonality, flora have evolved to live life to the ultra-max, but when on the path, all plants must prepare practically for various changes they will have to face, together or alone.

Eventually all flowers petals transform into ‘wings’. This necessity is not mentioned in any botanical literature I have ever read, but of course,  it is a simple fact of Nature, fundamental for the path.

Any plant worth its stem and leaves, must engage in the etiquette of appearance. Before departing its seeds upwards into destiny it has to look its best.

Fortunately, flowers have evolved to change their clothes quite naturally. Here is one such poppy which just last weekend, transformed itself as a poppy angel in flight in the Morning Garden. One can see a poppy petal skirt dress, and the stretching out of two petal wings.

Flying in the morning sun after the rain. Heavenly. Only the weather and light can metamorphose a flower’s being from bloom to seed.


Poppy angel testing its petal skirt and petal wings in the sun for The Path


The Floral Resurrection

Nature through the time machine was just the start of a journey of inner exploration. The 3 days contained a definite beginning, middle and end of the weather, it was its own mini-season of changes. It was a quest to ‘feel’ Nature and interpret its patterns and sense its rhythms. There were certainly new realisations, Hence the title, The Floral Resurrection. This is where “consciousness opens”.

The Floral Resurrection, uses the original photos and moves elements digitally. There is no manipulation using addition and subtraction of digital colour convenience. The digital paintings simply work with the original photo in the light it was taken. The flowers are the palette, the touchpad the brush, the pixels the paint.

Sun and Water

The PATH 1 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 09.44.12 6


 Poppy Globe 1 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 09.44.12 5




© 2014 La Floralie

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