20 Moonset Hour at the dandelion clock. Tis the time of BLUE, VIOLET and INDIGO

On England’s Longest Day At 21.21 GMT there was 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight.

As soon as the moon begins to set rise on Midsummer, it is the turn of the 3 most patient suitors on the short, curved passes of the spectrum to come into their own, the “blues”. In contrast to the high lusty scarlets and neon dramas of glowing oranges and sunset peaches, the shorter end of the chroma provide a much needed relaxed demeanour across garden and field.


Not necessarily known to be overly passionate as with the crimsons reputation, nevertheless a blue can be a perfect partner, loyal and hard-working. To their loved ones, such as the worker bees on the lavenders, the blues have their moments. They can be undeniably handsome, helpful, and learn to be very reliable especially in later life. Always, their bouquet is deep and thoughtful.  They are not just moody blue, shrinking violet and introspective indigo,  their selections are made with creative philosophy.

IMG_4270 IMG_4261 IMG_4308

Using the hours of the whole Summer Solstice party, the afternoon time of Midsummer Day mixed with the first moments of the changing equinox and moonset,  provides inspiration for Natures’s “official accountants” . This Midsummer bouquet would contain the sky from afternoon,starlight hours and dawn.

IMG_4395 IMG_4515

Destiny’s responsibility for the “blues” to oversee the mid season’s finances is highly prestigious.. At this very hour of the year,  their skill is the common sense of the counting house, providing an audit of energy use. Hence their buds, leaves and flowers are modest and economic in Nature and by nature. The trumpets of golden daffodils and full bloom roses is far too extravagant a style, the “blues”  have their listening ears and watchful eyes close to the ground and branches; that is their place and they are proud of it. It is also well noted by all mature plants in garden and field, that violets only shrink, they do not vanish.

As  dawn awaited this morning, the scene was very soft. The final hour of one fluff on the moon-waning dandelion clock had  finally arrived.


At 5am, a pigeon cooed  the final party hours just before the last goodbyes to the guests of the summer courting party. Until another midsummer dusk…


On the very same Sunday morning, just over four hours later, at precisely many fluffs past dandelion GMT,  there would be new changes waiting in the flora to herald a glorious new time of  summer sun passing over England. The blues will be watching the dandelion clock….. thousands of them.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 09.46.24


© 2014 La Floralie




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