85 Aestivalis…..




 After a week of sun and rain, sun, rain

The last day of March sped with windy bluster


When blossom happens it happens

© 2015 La Floralie


82 A Song of Sunshine…. Mr Robin chirps in the solar eclipse … Flora plays the long shadow

It starts.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.11.12 Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.58.43

From a mid branch of the morning, Mr Robin’s morning music would accompany the shadowing of the sun at 9.05am GMT.

Then right at the edge of the new season’s unique moment, the birds went duly silent and all went very still as the moon continued to close its move in dominating the falling of light at the start of this unique day. A celebratory way to close the Winter. And in the long of the short of it, the trees had their own shadow eclipse pavement party. This was the shortest party ever, but most memorable.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.58.27Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.01.02

Two daffodils on a very ordinary grassy corner took note, and discussed the meaning of what was half light and half dark.  With the sun shining through, they knew they were part of one glorious moment of truth – that occasional timing we can never prepare for,  a rare juncture of consummate perfection, where petals saturated with warmth and brightest light, back and front, hit purest yellow.  If this was to be their last day in bloom, to be the brightest yellow with the heavenly blues above , along with Mr Robin’s Song of Sunshine and the emerald grass, this was a life full of excellence. And knowing they had felt a perfect day with so many perfect moments, they were satisfied.

As the light moved across their quietude to a new future, the remnants of purple Winter broccoli and Autumn fallings would also see the sun and moon for the first time,

It promises to be an immense Spring.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 23.18.03

© 2015 La Floralie


81 Oh! When Ivy’s tendrils needs a beard trim.. it must be nearly Spring

20150316_174318 20150316_174632 20150315_130151 20150318_174735

Appearances, appearances…Let’s see how much happier a tree can be once we can turn the corner on Spring’s first day. We are nearly there…  Gosh what a state after the cold spell. That Winter hormonal coarse branch fluff has to shape up nicely, unwanted hairy branches are not quite right.

And then let’s replenish the rich waxy complexion of her leaf with a little hydration.

After the UK’s partial eclipse of the sun due today, what might the new season have in store?


© 2015 La Floralie


80 Nurture is the kindness of nature . For Mothering Sunday

20150314_171605 20150314_171143_5_bestshot20150314_164654 20150314_171204_1_bestshot

Happiness can be contagious. Today a whole town was moved through the promised unions at the alter of those it does not know. Profound team spirits rang the bells, and the cold, still air of this mid March moved. With that distinctive, metallic musicality from a church belfry, those happy sounds illustrate that only true partnerships have the ability to create a unity of harmonies… But… did the birds and the bees have a whiff of what was going on?

Perhaps not quite yet, although as the breath still passed very cool through the throat, nevertheless, Nature paid attention. From its pavement community, something was blossoming.  Modesty and loyalty were found in grateside meadows of fresh new moss, and then the first yellow trumpets of the new daffodils sounded very softly across suburbia. White hawthorn in the hedgerows were open, blue hyacinth shot up from the ground. Red holly berry was still ripe, shiny and on guard, whilst euphorbia was exploring with enthusiasm.

But where had all these come from?  They were definitely not there yesterday.  My view was going to be coloured, even dead, dull wood can own secrets of Spring in its rings. Nothing disintegrates.

Do the plants know the date? Today they heard and were ready for a Saturday wedding.  Tomorrow, more will be dressed in bouquet, for Mothering Sunday best.

Nurture is in her exceptional nature of so very many kindnesses, like the hawthorn, many small meaningful brightnesses amongst the brambles, like the euphorbia, curious to ensure all is going well and definitely like a vibrant bright golden daffodil – presence to be seen and signal from afar and reliably just as solid wood, always there beyond loyalty.

Good things, those partnerships which bring the best of nature out in motherhood  And if that is not always for the case for every mother, may your memories be their very sweetest today.

No mother is more deserving than mine.  Thank you so very much for everything.



for all mothers everywhere

79 Flora’s Terra Firma Manicura


In Spring’s wake, we feel the breeze.                                                                                                       Our Flora’s Palm Parlour opens for ‘green fingering’:

                                  “To seek, to search, to deeply dig and surface skim and tap the rain.                                                To smooth the journey of a beckoning birth in slow motion foliation”.

Dedicated to the earthiest verdant pleasures;
Feelers for finest root reform, we refresh the cellular.
After a light finger dirt service, a microbe’s relaxation will newly mold the clay.           So, to play a seed’s and stem’s pleasure, the chorophyll tipped masseuse awaits;

Creeping to clutch its remaining decay, Winter whispers,                                                       “Members of the Hand: Trail Utopia’s loams towards its throat, as if to strangle…”
But Old Equinox slips quickly through the fist,                                                                             Tipping inwards, Breath returns and the Common Senses heighten.

Only green palm tips can twist the wind, caress the air or grip a wall,
And command March’s slumbered to “Rise with Silence.”                                                       “For, ’tis blue skies and blossom’ time to touch our land with brand new light.”



© 2015 La Floralie 2015

Day 8

The WordPress Poetry challenge continued, but I have been too slow in writing for it last week, as assonance gave me a much greater appreciation of the very varied pronounciations of especially vowels, within the English language. A very good learning curve. Now I really do appreciate how foreigners learn its complexities .

The Form – Prose

The Inspiration – Fingers

The Device – Assonance

The photos were taken 5 and 10 March 2015, in Stourbridge, outside the gym, and Brighton UK walking to the station in the early sunshine, for which there is nothing like it to start the day.