78 Ode To Air and Tree and Drawer of Dreams


“Trusted wood, and masked spirit in metal. Of my wardrobe drawers:

‘Guard well all my past and future memories!’

Small, but precious collectables,

The meaningful gifts,

Once ‘dreamflower faces’ 

In old mirrors and make up, 

 Perfumed openings and scented disclosures,

Reminisce The Years in capsuled comfort of Secret Self


When gone, just spirit travels.  Through the cool drafts of your wood 

To join finest ribbon roots, under mint and rhubarb.

Braceleted worms will curl tight and burrow

Passages of time with unwearable hours.

Only unmade futures will be certain:

Thus, to bouquets of darkest earth and fragrant rain:

Rise sweet in saplings to repossess soul secrets with vital force in airiest lights!”


The WordPress Poetry 201 course offered the following inspiration as part of its challenge on Day 7.


Drawer = as the theme.

Apostrophe = the device.

“occurs when the speaker in the poem addresses another person or an object”

Ode = the poetic form. 

“An ode is a laudatory poem celebrating a person, an object, a place, etc. It can come in any form these days, having shed its ancient (and much stricter) formal requirements”

Another real  challenge. How to consider the theme in relevance to the blog focus? But actually what appears to be distant solution,  is a new opportunity for one’s creativity and resourcefulness.

The photos

The old tree and newest Spring shoots, taken this morning.

© 2015 La Floralie


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