79 Flora’s Terra Firma Manicura


In Spring’s wake, we feel the breeze.                                                                                                       Our Flora’s Palm Parlour opens for ‘green fingering’:

                                  “To seek, to search, to deeply dig and surface skim and tap the rain.                                                To smooth the journey of a beckoning birth in slow motion foliation”.

Dedicated to the earthiest verdant pleasures;
Feelers for finest root reform, we refresh the cellular.
After a light finger dirt service, a microbe’s relaxation will newly mold the clay.           So, to play a seed’s and stem’s pleasure, the chorophyll tipped masseuse awaits;

Creeping to clutch its remaining decay, Winter whispers,                                                       “Members of the Hand: Trail Utopia’s loams towards its throat, as if to strangle…”
But Old Equinox slips quickly through the fist,                                                                             Tipping inwards, Breath returns and the Common Senses heighten.

Only green palm tips can twist the wind, caress the air or grip a wall,
And command March’s slumbered to “Rise with Silence.”                                                       “For, ’tis blue skies and blossom’ time to touch our land with brand new light.”



© 2015 La Floralie 2015

Day 8

The WordPress Poetry challenge continued, but I have been too slow in writing for it last week, as assonance gave me a much greater appreciation of the very varied pronounciations of especially vowels, within the English language. A very good learning curve. Now I really do appreciate how foreigners learn its complexities .

The Form – Prose

The Inspiration – Fingers

The Device – Assonance

The photos were taken 5 and 10 March 2015, in Stourbridge, outside the gym, and Brighton UK walking to the station in the early sunshine, for which there is nothing like it to start the day.


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