61 January is blue and gradually moving forwards



In mid January, the year no longer new. The speed of light, directs transformation of a long series of blue-black inked dusks with new powers of colour.

In Weeks 2 and 3, Winter’s inky dusk fall, gradually give way to light powered days of blue hope.

20150110_170013  20150110_170503


 Week 3’s daytime calm composure is ‘china blue’. 


China Blue is the most amazing colour. More than a hue. It is heaven. Made from air and water, visible, untouchable, perfectly clear, honest.



No leaves 




Transparency appears that the atmosphere should be a weightless concept. But when water rains downwards, it is only transported upwards again in the flora.

With wet weight and strength, wood expands and a tree maintains its posture in two directions;  upwards and outwards towards infinity, and downwards and inwards into the unknown.







New Universal Rhythms 

are for sensing.

Red and green make their way.



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60 January is green and gently rolling backwards.

Reflective view from the UK of 1st month. 


1. THE VERTICALS . Stem Sculpture 

For STRENGTH  and PROTECTION, the soft and sharp join together



2. THE HORIZONTALS .Where Branches Groove

Dead wood is never fully dead.


Readymade valleys and hills. The ridge collects small particles, drains moisture, directing, nourishing and protecting travellers on the straight and narrow.

Adventure and surprise awaits on the “ups and downs, “unders and overs”. It might look like utter chaos, but nothing could be more purposeful for Nature’s free will.




In the sun, there is green to be seen. Lichen has locked itself in. Within the crack of the bend,  one life gives way to another .

3. IN THE PINK . With Air Berries and Ground Flowers




The colour of romance is in a tree’s berries, varied coral tones of salmon, from soft to vibrant.


Heather. Ground cover with colour.  Typical of the British Isles, it likes bleak, open rugged terrain whether garden suburbia or country peaks.  Its subtle, smoky bluey green leaves, will change to yellowy browns.

Along with tiny purple pink flowers, it all looks as soft as feathers, but this ground plant has wiring for deceptive, rugged strength. And with small blossoms set at a neon glow, Winter’s own electric blanket does a perfect job for all below its cover.



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58 Why Fibonacci? (Reblog No.1)

This is my very first reblog in the whole world.

As my own previous post  included an aspect of Fibonacci, I was invited to Judy Lloyd Anderson’s blog on “Fibonacci poetry”,

This may not appear to have anything to do with flowers, but flowers had led me to Fibonacci. Through anything, blossoms other possibilities. Certainly as a subject, Fibonacci had caused a little bit of interest, furthering connections and new ideas.






















Who knows where something can take you.





I’ve always loved words. Meanings. Order. Science. Nature. Puzzles. Fibonacci poetry combines it all.

I find that writing Fibonacci poetry distills my thoughts in ways narrative writing cannot do. Completing a poem brings a satisfaction something like I get after putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There is a participation in someone else’s art and the challenge of putting the pieces together that brings a peculiar joy when one is finished.

This is particularly true when I am working on scriptural poetry.   I started writing a series of “I AM” poems based on verses in the Bible where God says: I AM the Lord who… and a piece of his character is revealed. Putting the scriptures in Fibonacci poetic form makes me think of each word in a new way. Understanding is coerced so that I can formulate a deeper meaning.

My dear writing friend and photography buff, Terri DeGezelle, has found great…

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57 A Winter Weekend Escape continues in 3D . Day 2

DAY 2 SATURDAY  24 January to  DAY 3 SUNDAY 25 January

INSPIRATIONAL FILM VIEWING                                                                  At Screen with the Green 

Updated from C12th. a ‘natural’ thriller. Beautiful  3D, silent movie.     The Fibonacci Sequence”  

900 years of truth, told in just 2 minutes.                                                Scroll down for the link.

504120996_150x84  503152705_150x84      

Not sure who Fibonacci was, what a Fibonacci number is or how this relates to flowers? Read below.

FIBONACCI . The Man in the pink with a great floral link

img_6021-333x500    images

Fibonacci was an Italian scholar, who lived in Pisa, Italy in the C12-13th, and was a founding father of modern mathematics. His work has even influenced our C21st global modern accounting and financial trading systems.

A world apart from flowers,  but what Fibonacci found out about numbers, relates to the patterns of geometry which exists right across Nature’s universe, and is the basis of Life itself.

Fibonacci was a very significant influence for Leonardo da Vinci’s work, without him, Leonardo’s inventions and other mathematically applied insights could not have produced.

The image of Fibonacci’s statue is C19th, and is in Pisa, Italy. Fibonacci was also known as Leonardo of Pisa.


Flowers grow in spirals 

In flowers, mathematical precision is everything – and the very thing. All life has geometry, and 100% accuracy is essential to survival. Nature’s “good-fit maths technology” allows for waste free, healthier living.

IMG_3639  IMG_365120140926_183702_3_bestshot  20140904_163736

A Movie for Mindfulness

Selected to induce wonder and rest, this dreamy masterpiece  has been created as an illusional piece made from 3D printed sculpture. It lends the imagination to Nature’s civil engineering secrets right in the heart of every flower.

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures on Vimeo



A “behind the scenes” mini-view on Fibonacci, will be part of a leisurely Day 3 between an English Morning’s excursion and Flowering Afternoon Tea, during a Sunday sampling of Nature’s colours and textures.



© 2015 La Floralie

56 A Winter Weekend Escape



DAY 1  FRIDAY 23 January

Exploring January’s Beautiful Blues




EVENING  FRIDAY 23 January   

Private View 

Magnolia’s giant seed heads in abstract performance at dusk.

20150102_164304 20150102_164336

Spider engineering

The strength of a fragile spider’s web can just be seen in partnership with the magnolia. A spider defines the horizontals and verticals of space. Through its own construction and engineering skills, it connects “mini-world” from one branch to another. All can share a spot in viewing a sundown, because of the Spider Brunels and Spider Eiffels.


Human nature works by imagination as well as inspiration.

On reflection, on what was written above, the straight spider’s thread, appears to be an overhead electricity cable.  This will now be checked, whilst author’s creative licence is sometimes necessary, here, observations must be as accurate as possible.

However, rather than express disappointment,  any spider worth its 8 legs in exercise,  could definitely travel up a cable or two and construct a good web.

Even at great risk of electrocution, a spider’s skills in spinning yarns and creating lace and nets, can also be used for trapeze and high-wire walking. At the end of a day’s efforts, watching a January sunset is just reward for any air-breathing arthropod. Something that in Winter, no hibernating bumble bee could ever be able to achieve, but on Sunday Day 3 we will see how a bee’s time will be spent in other ways.

For a weekend escape, this Saturday morning is another blue, but very cool, Winter’s day in England.

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55 Trains of thought . Providence on the line

January 21 22.00 GMT 

Train travelling through Winterland with the total absence of light.   Landscapes can only rush past. There are no flowers. There is no scenery. Thoughts on my days of work take up the first part of my journey.

I sat backward facing towards the direction of the immediate past.


Natural Law

No matter what work we do, days of work are always filled with the human condition. These could not be more different than days of flowers,  but within our interactions with each other, our history of evolution  springs from the ancient truths of the botanicas.  Here natural law dictates that both competition between individuals and co-operation between all,  are both essential for survival and health.

We are a curious seed mix.


A Seat Forward Facing

Plants and flowers are a world which inspires billions of us with their life, vibrancy, mystical technologies and a life cycle like nothing we have ever been able to create nor will be able to.

Providence on the line can brighten up a commuter journey and can help to ensure we all stay on track. We must ask if flowers can be grown on the train. They can. Travelling indoor gardens would be perfect.

January 22

Planting Randomness .Today’s Tips . The Wild Garden  

Today held the promise of an exciting “wild garden” mix. The day’s seed packet containing a random selection of different characters, shapes and sizes. Exciting, because that means that one never quite knows what is going to get planted and what’s it going to look like.

Alix 20141206_104803 jade 20141206_104351   20141204_114443_5_bestshot The Right Mix 

A diverse appeal needs to be trusted, where the right mix can grow together to enhance the space they are in.



Do not leave to  chance. In a small room environment, there are a variety of factors, today there was local climate change.



 A wild seed mix always has diversity and the rate of growth can be different.


Space and Water

In danger of a little overcrowding. Some had to be temporarily removed for all the seeds to have more space.  Water was required, and a much more temperate climate.

jade 20141206_104351

Within today’s seed mix:

ambition, insecurity, arrogance, helpfulness, humour, impatience, anger, cheerfulness, disappointment, encouragement, judgement, trust, insolence, faith and enthusiasm.

Deeper planting required.

© 2015 La Floralie