16 Midsummer REDS . Fit for a dream

When the Goddess of the Rainbow owns the power over the purity of the spectrum, she wisely bestows its permutations to many more helpers across Nature.

In the chroma at high summer, the colour red is not all about Iris’s spectrum scarlet. That would be too much strength,  just a little is fine as even the finest goddesses have to rest. She loans it out, but if part of the scarlet spectrum has been left in her trail during a midsummer afternoon, one should never assume this is by accident. These serve as deceptively simple reminders of that ever watchful omnipotent presence.


For a few brief moments, Midsummer’s red glories will belong to the other unseen, the Shakespearean flower fairies.  Their presence suddenly becomes very visible as the longest day swiftly approaches.

Red, the premium light ray,  is also the colour which signals transformation.  For a winged creature , such as a Shakespearean fairy, a rose dress hanging out to dry is not just a wash and dry process, but a ritual for the midsummer wardrobe, new fabric, new colours, new beginnings.


At night what was pink reveals it was really made of yellow.


At midsummer season, magnificence of youth and beauty is rightfully celebrated. This plump pinkness, the very ‘Bengal Rose’,  was created by mixing red with water, indigo and electric blues, along with china whites, for a heady neon glow.  Its colour story unfolds on the petal.


‘Bengal Rose’….red with water, indigo, electric blues….china whites

Within the floral community, Shakespeare understood exactly this time of year. At night,  the flowers know exactly what time they are in and their allegiances, because they set the scene, Midsummer is the courting season of the year. {One must read Midsummer Night’s Dream and feel how Nature with imagination,  influenced William’s mighty quill}.

The night’s current colours work across pink to burgundy with flashes of bright hues, both saturated and translucent. It is all dreamy, very dreamy and a ready part of the background scenery for a 2014 Hermia and Lysander to pass by. Here they both are.


There is a current trend to tie the knot in the UK,  within this favourite play, Theseus’ makes a reminder to Hermia that here on earth married women are happier than unmarried ones. Given Theseus’ thoughts, I shall assume that Heaven must be for the happiness of the unmarried. I never thought that marriage was a quest to preserve a long mortality,  quite the opposite. It is amazing what colours one’s view on life.

Theseus to Hermia:

But earthlier happy is the rose distilled                                                                                                                                                                          Than that which withering on the virgin thorn                                                                                                                                                        Grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness.

Midsummer Night’s Dream . William Shakespeare


No shortage of housing for newly wed fairies across the flora at Midsummer

Each afternoon, well before before dusk comes, it should not be forgotten that Iris will have left subtle,  fresh reminders of her watchful presence over Midsummer fairies in secret places through spectrum red.  Pure power is everything.


RED CHROMA INDEX   June 16 16.00 GMT-22.00 GMT . Stourbridge . England

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 07.54.30

The End of Midsummer RED


© 2014 La Floralie


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