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Along my usual path to the gym there is a proudly kept garden surrounding a block of rather faceless council flats. As I was passing tonight, the freshest rosy and vanilla peach tea scents, hovered in the damp air, beckoning me to delve my curious nose further.

As in the picture, after intermittent showers, most of these papery flowers were now fragmenting, but if these creamy delicacies were breaking up, there was to replace them, an invisible, but powerful airy swirl of rose concentrate; Nature’s most prized ancient knowledge in molecular potion on release. A wonderful,  and almost abrupt event, but this saturated privilege of perfectly formed nano-seconds made me feel liberated and real.  When skies open and pour water on the earth,  heavenly given fragrance is returned upwards in thanks. Through this short occurrence, I felt uplifted and a richer person for it. Perhaps just momentarily, I could also claim a heightened perception, an extra sensory awareness. All this, in the passing of a 3 second journey, such is the power of perfume from lightly showered roses. This was scentzing.

© 2014 La Floralie


  1. Beautiful! I like the picture, it’s almost like a painting, and also of course, your writing, I could almost walk with you and sense the fragrance of the flowers! But how I wish I was with you there, we are still covered in snow here 🙂


  2. It must be your preferred way of perception or access to the data base of consciousness 🙂 I can’t smell as much as others but somehow, I can express the flow of nature on canvas with ease.. try some outdoor workouts as well for the change and good luck with your trainings 🙂 Cheers from Ireland


    1. Hi Swav About 7 years ago I did a weeks perfumery course, it blew my mind even though we touched the tip of the iceberg. Just a week, but even after a few days all our senses of smell became finer , simpy because we were practicing that sense, I suppose that might be similar to an enhanced sense of touch and invisible space for blind people. Someone I know was the most amazing cook but could only distinguish between salt, bitter, sweet and sour. This was after a car crash had disabled part of her brain to say smell the particular essence of a rose. Interestingly, she can imagine it. So I guess your ease of painterly expression is through strength of practice. I look forward to visiting your site and “feeling the flow”!


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