3 The Morning After



After last evening’s silent intoxication of potent rosy vapours, this very precisely timed 3 second experience, complete with a beginning, middle and end, opened a whole new chapter this morning with surprising dimensions.

Yesterday evening, I thought I had snapped the near and far of pretty bed roses to a maximum of 2-3 metres, but in the light of day, my rose coloured vision showed me that what I originally viewed as a simple, small set of  garden bushes, was infact much more remarkable.  In the light of day,  a sentry of white giant blooms stand in polite, quiet attendance to a clear, but shaded entrance to a whole perfumed forest. An enchanted walkway etches a path, clearly visible for those who choose to see it.  And, if one is prepared to be small and modest, one can also follow the trail.  Magical. A gradual unfolding truth just like a rose opening its petals.

But there was even more to this floral tale,  I realised this morning, that today is the anniversary of my grandmother’s birthday, she would be 111.  She was Lily Audrey, how fitting, and she also loved a rose or two. Apparently she had a beautiful creamy white rose bowl, Victorian heritage from her mother, just for floating English roses.  She was definitely always a fresh one of those. I have the feeling that in the Forest of the White Rose, for just one birthday, that there are infinitely more than 111 blooms to celebrate her gentile memory. Excellence perfumed.

Whilst I had thought that last night’s journey through a familiar fragrant flower was complete,  I now realise that such travels were only just beginning. In a 12 hour time frame, there have been 3 truths, the power of nature, the camera which doesn’t lie and the memory of a person, who drifted by in the consciousness on the right day. Thank you for the flowers lesson Granny Lily. A very Happy Birthday.

© 2014 La Floralie


  1. It’s great that the power of nature brought you the lovely memories about your Granny Lily. You also made me remember my cherished grandmother.
    Have a great week-end!


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