102 Summer afternoon in the Jungle……..

IMG_0833 IMG_0852  IMG_0826                                            IMG_0824  IMG_0844  IMG_0842        IMG_0855 IMG_0899  IMG_0943  IMG_0975      IMG_0965

The suburban jungle……4.2 billion years in the making to get here,  right by me. Pluto, Pluto  3 billion miles away…….10 years to travel….Imagine being away for a decade. The exchange of 10 years of time for one right moment.  A life’s work in an incredible 8000 miles distant photoshoot, all in the passing at 14km per second on 14 /15 July. Without doubt you must be a marvel. The world is ecstatic. But will you honestly, truly, deeply, contain more remarkable promise than what we already possess?

I would hate to waste these moments. I don’t wish to give this up, but I will think of the photoshoot and a desolate landscape awaiting tentative colonisation and curiousity. I hope it will bring a great and fulfilling future. But a future with no flowers, is a future with no powers. And I so love it just here.

© 2015 La Floralie


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