105 Close encounters




In a month’s passing, a 10 year journey had stretched  our sights to Heaven’s Plutonic surfaces, followed by a well publicised $100 million pledge to invest our imagination to find other “life”.  Meanwhile, here, right here, on Earth, in England, the end days of July peaked the summer with driest heat. When summer is fiercest, it lands the largest bloom, in cleanest white, with  the most seductive curves,  and by far, the most mystical and long distance fragrance.  Such is the mystery of the invisible when you have it just in front of you.

July dissipated into a damp and humid August, but life and death live a parallel universe. On this tree, they pass each other,  even on the same days with the fullest volume. Like the Chinese yin and yang of universal truth, the small becomes  full, and the full becomes empty.

Magnolia grandiflora. Loved across the continents where fossils from 20 million years have been found and the Magnoliaceae species apparently began 95 million years ago. Now that’s a journey.

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