95 The Uncut Spirit. A garden bouquet for Granny’s 112th birthday.

Lilian Audrey Mason born May 30 1903

Especially for my maternal grandmother. A bouquet with the living spirits of English wilderness, the uncut garden. Her character was that of May flowers – inwardly strong and outwardly soft. Her qualities: patience, kindness, generosity, humour, constancy, solidarity and  love. Her youth was in the giddy time of the Twenties flappers. She carried light luggage wherever she went, bringing brightness, calm, contentment, balance and immense respect and regard. Flowers may fade, but memories last.

From the English garden, here is apple blossom with a young deer in lushest grass,  buzzy bee in the azalea, mysterious magnolia,  funny face pansy and foliage from my mother’s walled garden, beautiful peony and unwrapping poppy.

photo-2 IMG_9122 IMG_9136 IMG_8128 IMG_7506 IMG_8591

© 2015 La Floralie


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