93 From the floating of nothingness

The rush for the light. Isn’t that what we all wait for? When May comes, after so very long last, it arrives in not bundles, but the canopies of the tree leaf. Green beautiful tree leaf, the domed “Grand Palais” of summer, Nature’s own parasol, brolly  and even a light Spring showerhead all rolled into one.

Out of bare and dull branches,  the air of Winter’s floating nothingness gradually found its destiny. Only after first blossom, May defines its role with a sudden, almost overwhelming abundance of verdancy. No longer wondering where to go, what to cling to, where to escape from,  all  airspace becomes busy. Nothing is not nothing for very long.

20150503_174757 20150503_174806

© 2015 La Floralie


  1. Unless you come from tropical climes where blue skies and evergreens are every day.
    beautiful photos of light and sunshine, makes me miss my tropical home. 🙂


    1. Everyday to have blue skies, evergreens and sunshine must be wonderful. I have had to realise that there is an entire unobvious beauty in ‘the fading’ , the dull, the grey. Here that evergreen energy you see constantly on the outside in the tropics is as such, ‘internalised’ within the trees. A conservation and secret chemistry lab of energy at work. I would love to look inside a tree. I would also love the constant blue skies!


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