88 2 ways to celebrate May


RHS – Royal Horticultural Society does amazing work to stimulate interest in gardening and encourage creativity from all quarters.  It is on for one week, this week and will astound. If you can not go, the website is very extensive and highly inspirational on the work of the RHS.



Oooh la la..Chanel No 5 still has the authentic essence of rose from the hills of Grasse, the traditional home of fragrance.  A few years back I did a short perfumery course via Grasse Institute of Perfumery. It was absolutely amazing. We were all staggered how our olefactory senses could become so sensitive to smell so quickly, although we recognised that would not even be the tip of the iceberg… Apparently the true “noses” can detect 300 smells, so sensitised to the atmosphere and the training is immense – patience, creativity, intuition and science.

One of my fellow colleagues was Didier Gagliewski. He is from Grasse and absolutely passionate about perfume and now has his own studio. His story is an amazing one, read his press on the link. I always value integrity in product, and this has it.

May is the month of the “Mai Rose Festival”, but I would strongly recommend a visit to Didier and go and enjoy Grasse. This beautiful tiny, ancient town is situated between the sea and the Alps. It is a special place and I would also suggest that Didier is a special, intuitive perfumeur. There must indeed be something in the air here.


For fashion related interest to the rose see reference to the link below.



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