75 Quiet Heroes Quiet


Quiet heroes quiet

Quiet thoughts of heroes, of crown for country.  Simple roads, simple fields.                           Moments standstill.

“STAND STILL! Young soldiers with hearts red!” Hearts red with emotion,                               Dewdrop in fields, to order to time.

“Time did not age them”. 100 years, Mortality would drift, Slow, slow quick, quick,                       Slow, above and over Courage.

Courage, “Exemplary behaviour”  Bodyless. Energy waxes empty                                                         For a century, fields quiver en passant.       

Passing progress screeched halt. To one hundred years;                                                                                                                  Shake the breath!”                                                                                                                                                           “SHOOT THE STEMS!”                                                                                                                           “Grasp hard those petals red!”   

Red’s intense romance of cardinal excite. Plasma’s passions for Modernity                         Unchanging. Hero ducks, head down to march upwards into quiet.

© 2015 La Floralie

Day 6 Inspiration was WordPress  Poetry Challenge which had to follow: Theme – Heroes/Heroine Form – Ballad

Device – Anaphora “simply means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem.”

Epistrophe “is its counterpart: the repeated words appear at the end of lines.”

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