74 The Meanderthal

20150228_163215_2_bestshot  20150228_163140_2_bestshot

Anaesthesia lives the eons as an Unawaked. A birthless lamentation.

No strands of biology to wire a breath.  Memories, a blank odyssey.

In state, a floating, faceless emoticon wrasps of Nature’s joys.

“..dull, dull, dull, yes, yes, yes…”

The meanderthal, who stirs the atmosphere in vapoury voyage,

Where bloodless drift shifts space to chaos – is Anaesthesia.

Her unperfumed bouquets deconstruct the woods in hush 

As steeliest moleculars crumble to particularate white.

Airy whisperings can whisk the ozone thick to standstill delusion.

The Milkshake Mutterer, with her hoary small talk creates.

Her favourite flavour in truest imperceptibilty. 

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothingness.

“Nothingness is lux, is nothingness”.  Anaesthesia’s absolute power.

‘Nothing Ventured’, the snowfluff flotilla of still passage descends.

As Lux smothers tree seedling youth into lightless hiatus.

Nothingness’  a breathless tomb pillow talks.

No sat nav can guide the white calamus quest from ravage, but Sol.

As morning star, its spectrum rouses life’s liquid on helieborus.

Early Spring’s perfect petal cups, the Chloroformed awaken.

A downy feather lies still, as slow water flows once again.

The WordPress Poetry 201 course offered the following inspiration as part of its challenge on Day 5.


Fog = as the theme.

Metaphor = a form of visualisation through words, which  “brings two terms together, which are not connected,  but will make sense”.

Elegy = the poetic form. “An elegy is traditionally, pairs of verses, couplets, where the first is slightly longer than the second. It also has to evoke the feeling that something is “irretrievably gone” – such as a moment, a place , a feeling.”

This was certainly such a challenge. It took me time to think about all this and when I did, I realised I wanted to spend a little more time on it, and then became much more engaged,  when I could. I hadn’t expected to be so drawn. But in and out the writing,  I also wanted to feel Nature again and try and feel the reality of my elegy where possible. The photos from the path of my street on the afternoon walk of February 28 2015.

© 2015 La Floralie


  1. Really enjoyed the poem, it has such sense and meaning. I found this one to be difficult myself, I tried to find something to lose in the fog. Yours is very good.


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