71 Today’s journeys

      From root to stem to reach a star

Winter’s journey’s wish twinkled thoughts afar

As my branch bends here

And leaves rustle just there

A summer thinking sky bird sings the stars with a prayer.



 This short ditty was written via the WordPress’ 201 Poetry Blogging Course, where the second day’s task has been to create a limerick with alliteration on the theme of “journey”. But alas, no alliteration has sprouted forth as yet …. 

 The photograph was taken in West Midlands, UK  January 2015


2 Fates

A wasted journey

Wrong time, right place. Lost in space

End without a start


Blown by the time clock

Forward to life’s best exit

New start with good end



            when wet swells a seed              

its all about the water

taking its travels


on a journey up

skywards through root, stem, leaf, sky

only to dripdrop down


© 2015 La Floralie

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