72 The Acrostic Agnostic . Past, Present, Future

Positioned with sweetest apple confection

An ancient Garden evolved and enticed.

Slowly, and slower, Eden turned its honest perfection

To chance. And Trust became dishonestly diced.


Prehistory teaches Trust’s fate through the fossils

Reasonings of Truth boned to the death

Eliminate doubt, an empty skull whistles

Sense the real and use intuition instead




Flora’s future is fragile

Uncertain, unbalanced,   Eden once led, but

Trust to caretake its green horizontals lies buried

Under Vertical Garden at Retail River instead

Recycle, reuse, renew trust and commitment

Earth’s resurrection is timed if belief, duty and virtue are dead.



The Vertical Garden of Birmingham UK, New Street Station


The Garden and the Retail River walkway, once green fields


Burnt grass in the garden

TO EXPLAIN (with very flimsy pen . no Shakespeare here…)

Cut grass in the garden.

Could look a lot more lush.

This space is like a very bad retirement home

Where outdoor plants keep hush


Some poor dears, behind the ears, share their bad haircuts too

With precious left of England’s green and pleasant land

There is little the shortest grass can do.


A walkway to the shops and trains

Makes a journey smooth and even

But how will plants grow food

And where will we spring a well?

You cant grow food or water

In a retail world from Hell.

Inspiration for these posts came from Day 3 of WordPress 201 Poetry Course, which provided the theme of “trust” to be interpretted as how one wished. 

With new opportunities to consider one’s creativity, the challenge also came with working with a new word I had never heard before,  and almost do not wish to again….. “acrostic”. 

One meaning which was defined on the course: “where the first (or last) letter of each verse together spell out a message”

The first poem attempt has tried this, but the second post is creative licence on “free verse” with “free for all interpretation”, because at this time of night doing this…”I nearly cried, my brain is fried”

Photos taken at Birmingham New Street Station , February 2015

© 2015 La Floralie


  1. Absolutely excellent acrostic !!! First I salute the creativity of your composition – spelling out the words with first letters. Your Eden imagery follows through out your verses. Intelligent theology I share. Intuition -right on. I’m not in a hurry to do an acrostic but If I did I’d use yours as a model.


  2. I like the past.present.future idea. One can construct quite detailed thoughts in poetic form. Until Writing 201, I hadn’t thought about any designs or forms – just rhyming. It’s opened a new channel. I do like how you’ve dont just that – and keeping with what looks like your passion. Regards eLFy 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much for your very,very kind words and observations about that poem. It is really good to know what appeals to readers and you have really explained it well. Your writing and observations and speed across your work is terrific by the way. Very inspiring. I have to catch up with myself now as little poetry done in the past week, so profuse apologies for lateness in responding.


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