67 February’s flirtations in English waters. Love’s Story 1


All over England

A water’s edge has different guises.  Across Britain,  whether by rural canals, the southern coastlines or the mighty city rivers, our second month seeks to nurture the year’s new future interests with fresh colour, innocence and joyfulness.

From the very beginning, February brings great excitement.  Early on, light curves its way into our days, cutting the air, somehow carving small extensions of daylight hours.  It is quite a swift, yet soft, movement and happens as soon as the month arrives.

A little courting cheers all hearts on and from the very first week,  dancing starts by the waters’ edge. Life’s future partnerships prepare early for the seasonal teamwork ahead,  and they busily acquaint themselves with the surroundings.

Dance and dress at Canalside, Surrey with Browntwigs and Dandy Hedgerow

Whilst the blondest short grass, rolled together in a stream’s mud, just round the corner, in a sturdy embrace in Surrey’s mid-afternoon light, there was an obvious chemistry with courtesy amongst the Browntwigs and the Goldwoods by the canalside lake. This visible passion was the recognition of belonging. It was quite a watery reunion after a long hibernation.

20150202_153217 20150202_154059

The assymetric, wild branches of the Browntwigs embrace to dance, whilst the noble and handsome Goldwoods politely watch.

Not too far away, Dandy Hedgerow donned a randomly white spotted cuff-leaf to watch the nearby natural surroundings unfold its geometrical mysteries. And then the sun fell and next morning, from bright spots on small leaves, now whole garden and lakeside landscapes were white with light, feathery with snowfall. It might seem that Winter was harsh and not yet prepared to let go of colourlessness entirely, but this was prudence for investment by the season’s decision maker because creating the layers of purity for Spring and the months ahead is crucial. Life can only grow anew and progress with the curiosity of innocence.

This snowfall was so very, very quiet, a late Winter’s party fireworks without the bang, but with all the sparkle. But as the party closed just before dawn, the atmosphere woke up late at mid morning and the crystal blanket simultaneously removed its cover, forcing the exposure of Spring’s fresh start.

Again this was another of Winter’s wisdoms.  As the snow gently melted, it would silently sink a cool protection and resource,   dripping only the purest water for the soil, for the root forms. Now the ground was prepared and the time was right for pink and red passions to rise to the occasion.

February was about to get interesting. All across the country from Brighton to London, from London to the Midlands, Nature would now be ready to show its heart and find its Valentine.

20150202_153428     20150202_15441720150203_075220     20150202_153759

Dandy Hedgerow; Dusk on the canalside lake; Snowfall at Dawn; Red Passion above ground


© 2015 La Floralie

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