58 Why Fibonacci? (Reblog No.1)

This is my very first reblog in the whole world.

As my own previous post  included an aspect of Fibonacci, I was invited to Judy Lloyd Anderson’s blog on “Fibonacci poetry”,

This may not appear to have anything to do with flowers, but flowers had led me to Fibonacci. Through anything, blossoms other possibilities. Certainly as a subject, Fibonacci had caused a little bit of interest, furthering connections and new ideas.






















Who knows where something can take you.





I’ve always loved words. Meanings. Order. Science. Nature. Puzzles. Fibonacci poetry combines it all.

I find that writing Fibonacci poetry distills my thoughts in ways narrative writing cannot do. Completing a poem brings a satisfaction something like I get after putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There is a participation in someone else’s art and the challenge of putting the pieces together that brings a peculiar joy when one is finished.

This is particularly true when I am working on scriptural poetry.   I started writing a series of “I AM” poems based on verses in the Bible where God says: I AM the Lord who… and a piece of his character is revealed. Putting the scriptures in Fibonacci poetic form makes me think of each word in a new way. Understanding is coerced so that I can formulate a deeper meaning.

My dear writing friend and photography buff, Terri DeGezelle, has found great…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging my Fibonacci post. I wish I had some of my fellow artist’s photos to post with my blog for you to see for most of her photos are flowers and plants that display Fibonacci form. Your thoughts on flora are lovely. Thank you for sharing your grace moments.


    1. Pleasure. Its always great when a topic progresses conversation and thinking in a new direction. As said the flowers led me to Fibonacci and I had to follow the lead given to your blog. When I did, I really enjoyed the very crisp, poignant way you use words. There is definitely a cool and fresh light breeze inbetween them.


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