57 A Winter Weekend Escape continues in 3D . Day 2

DAY 2 SATURDAY  24 January to  DAY 3 SUNDAY 25 January

INSPIRATIONAL FILM VIEWING                                                                  At Screen with the Green 

Updated from C12th. a ‘natural’ thriller. Beautiful  3D, silent movie.     The Fibonacci Sequence”  

900 years of truth, told in just 2 minutes.                                                Scroll down for the link.

504120996_150x84  503152705_150x84      

Not sure who Fibonacci was, what a Fibonacci number is or how this relates to flowers? Read below.

FIBONACCI . The Man in the pink with a great floral link

img_6021-333x500    images

Fibonacci was an Italian scholar, who lived in Pisa, Italy in the C12-13th, and was a founding father of modern mathematics. His work has even influenced our C21st global modern accounting and financial trading systems.

A world apart from flowers,  but what Fibonacci found out about numbers, relates to the patterns of geometry which exists right across Nature’s universe, and is the basis of Life itself.

Fibonacci was a very significant influence for Leonardo da Vinci’s work, without him, Leonardo’s inventions and other mathematically applied insights could not have produced.

The image of Fibonacci’s statue is C19th, and is in Pisa, Italy. Fibonacci was also known as Leonardo of Pisa.


Flowers grow in spirals 

In flowers, mathematical precision is everything – and the very thing. All life has geometry, and 100% accuracy is essential to survival. Nature’s “good-fit maths technology” allows for waste free, healthier living.

IMG_3639  IMG_365120140926_183702_3_bestshot  20140904_163736

A Movie for Mindfulness

Selected to induce wonder and rest, this dreamy masterpiece  has been created as an illusional piece made from 3D printed sculpture. It lends the imagination to Nature’s civil engineering secrets right in the heart of every flower.

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures on Vimeo



A “behind the scenes” mini-view on Fibonacci, will be part of a leisurely Day 3 between an English Morning’s excursion and Flowering Afternoon Tea, during a Sunday sampling of Nature’s colours and textures.



© 2015 La Floralie


  1. absolutely fascinating…Fibonacci is one of my favorite topics, so that’s what caught my eye other than the wonderful photos… The spiral of nature’s flower petals is breathtaking, and although this isn’t new information to me it certainly is refreshing! The way the blog is nicely laid out. I’ll be back to look further…I got stalled on Fibonacci. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for looking and your positive comments. So pleased someone was attracted by Fibonacci, what a contribution he made. Amazing!
      I also took a quick look on yours today and will be revisiting as you have a great variety which strikes a chord!


    2. Hi I wrote back a reply just now and it seemed to get swiped! Trying again….So pleased you liked the topic and thank you for your comments on the photos. Those were all in the UK.

      I also look a quick look at your site and was looking for an “about” page? I liked your variety very much.


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