55 Trains of thought . Providence on the line

January 21 22.00 GMT 

Train travelling through Winterland with the total absence of light.   Landscapes can only rush past. There are no flowers. There is no scenery. Thoughts on my days of work take up the first part of my journey.

I sat backward facing towards the direction of the immediate past.


Natural Law

No matter what work we do, days of work are always filled with the human condition. These could not be more different than days of flowers,  but within our interactions with each other, our history of evolution  springs from the ancient truths of the botanicas.  Here natural law dictates that both competition between individuals and co-operation between all,  are both essential for survival and health.

We are a curious seed mix.


A Seat Forward Facing

Plants and flowers are a world which inspires billions of us with their life, vibrancy, mystical technologies and a life cycle like nothing we have ever been able to create nor will be able to.

Providence on the line can brighten up a commuter journey and can help to ensure we all stay on track. We must ask if flowers can be grown on the train. They can. Travelling indoor gardens would be perfect.

January 22

Planting Randomness .Today’s Tips . The Wild Garden  

Today held the promise of an exciting “wild garden” mix. The day’s seed packet containing a random selection of different characters, shapes and sizes. Exciting, because that means that one never quite knows what is going to get planted and what’s it going to look like.

Alix 20141206_104803 jade 20141206_104351   20141204_114443_5_bestshot The Right Mix 

A diverse appeal needs to be trusted, where the right mix can grow together to enhance the space they are in.



Do not leave to  chance. In a small room environment, there are a variety of factors, today there was local climate change.



 A wild seed mix always has diversity and the rate of growth can be different.


Space and Water

In danger of a little overcrowding. Some had to be temporarily removed for all the seeds to have more space.  Water was required, and a much more temperate climate.

jade 20141206_104351

Within today’s seed mix:

ambition, insecurity, arrogance, helpfulness, humour, impatience, anger, cheerfulness, disappointment, encouragement, judgement, trust, insolence, faith and enthusiasm.

Deeper planting required.

© 2015 La Floralie

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