53 Modern yesterdays and old fashioned tomorrows

How yesterday was a garden’s future and today became its past

13 January 2015

Yesterday in a modern Surrey water garden 

14.30 GMT stormy, torrential cold rain from nowhere with so much energy that by 15.00 blue skies and sunlight had blown the storm away so that by 16.00 the Water Garden would feel the best of both worlds. The simplicity of 3 elementals – grasses, a tree scape and water.  And open to the elements, it would have high energy.




14 January 2015

Today,  a 100 years ago in a tree-lined village vintage postcard 

The future had arrived. At the end of the afternoon, in the heart of central London, a vintage picture postcard was found in passing, made at the turn of last century. It was an en passant moment. Depicting the Victorian tall pines typical of a Surrey village on the Downs, along with the English summer mix of blue skies and grey storm clouds, this scene came with a seasonless birthday greeting. Perspective.

May your view of life today

Be like a garden sweet and gay


© 2015 La Floralie


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