52 Liberty 2015 . Winds of Change….

Europe’s Winter is bracing its strength.

Just small signs a few days ago.


But tonight we shudder in the cold grip of a new storm. Storm Rachel from the Atlantic. Without doubt, tomorrow Nature will have tested our courage and endurance.

20150110_165716 20150110_165743

Such strong shocks do trial us. One wonders how have the trees ever made it to manage survival in so many seasons, let alone small plants. But this is never a storm’s concern. It’s purpose is to deliver ruthless decision making. Hurricane forces evolve to dislodge the most stubborn.

In its wake, the trees will watch the debris scatter. At least a few times in a lifetime, the flora witness that this was all totally necessary before the universe can be reconciled and return to its sharp, blue clarity.

Winds of change will always act to bring a timely solution.

20150110_170513It’s called fresh air.

Liberty 2015 must be on course.

© 2015 La Floralie



  1. i love your winds of change post.
    i loved the perspective of the trees and plants.. essential to human life yet most people don’t think about the perspective of flora. most people don’t even consider that plants may be sentient.
    ” flora witness that this was all totally necessary before the universe can be reconciled and return to its sharp, blue clarity.”

    that is beautiful. beautiful.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Well, I think over the past 6 months, I appreciate much more that plants are our ancestors, are they not? We have evolved from them. We do some very strange things as “walking” plants, some marvellous things, but ultimately I wonder who is really in control. Nature or Human Nature?


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