50 Liberty 2015 . Nature’s Tribute

From England

For Paris’ unfolding tragedies this week,  Nature offered its own quiet and modest, but meaningful tribute for all those directly affected.  The silence of a frozen field with suspended disbelief, a brick wall’s young mosses and a field footpath decaying wildflower, even canal reeds – all grouped in unity.

Then ice began to melt, once the water droplets trickled from their icy state,  even  the life of the hidden pavement meadows and kerbside rock gardens and hedgerows come together with rural and urban landscapes in solidarity.

20150104_141344_1_bestshot  20150104_145040_4_bestshot  20150104_144415_6_bestshot  20150104_142841_3_bestshot

Liberty . Nature’s own universal principle

We may not think of Nature as having ‘floral freedom fighters’, but liberty and peace is a universal principle if the flora and fauna is to thrive and do their best work. Nature will do everything to ensure that its floral freedom is available, because without it – there is no natural life worth having.


© 2015 La Floralie

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