51 Liberty 2015 . Nature’s Faith, Hopes and Floral Resolutions

Planting Faith, Hope and Courage

Where human nature plays extreme havoc in the world on creating separation and fear, the human spirit also has a history of finding Solidarity and Hope. In a parallel universe, the spirit of Nature also grows values and qualities we  may never have considered.  The boldness of Courage, the brightness of Innocence are regular blooms in the flora.

However the liberty of our natural landscape would also not be natural, if it was not for its differences.  The beauty we see and like to celebrate, and which brings peace and solace for many,  is rich in its diversity.  The biodiversity of Nature is the only unity we are born into to participate within.

Perhaps today, Sunday 11 January 2015, from Paris to Paraguay, from morning to nightfall, when 1m people march for Unity, it is also a day when human nature across the world can be inspired to seed more faith, hope, courage. There are limitless positive qualities which can be grown to maintain a peaceful progress, with a future with some of the greatest ideas to look forward to.

There are many seeds to sow. All promise excellent growth, brilliant colour and the best blossoms, fruit and fragrance that we can ever experience.

Courage, Unity and Innocence are part of a mixed seed offer.

What seeds would you add to the mix and what would you most like to plant?

There are suggestions at the bottom of this post as well.



Bold, bright and robust. When visible it brightens the whole world and attracts the very best to do good work.



Creates the shelter and sturdiness of a forest and its purpose to create and protect its freedom to grow.



Bright, often small with papery fragility, untainted except with good thoughts,  it can water the progress of anything  through exceptional good will.

Sow Seeds for our Future

A Global Garden is being planned. What would be your choice? What would you add?

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.37.21



If you liked this post, you may like  A Green Peace, as well the up and coming global event for The Global Garden.

© 2015 La Floralie


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