48 A green peace

For Paris.


The purpose of La Floralie has been to record Nature as it happens, in other words, to try and ‘capture’ the time’. However, sometimes ‘the time’ is not what we would think it should be, occasionally we may find, that like it or not,  that a very different course of action or purpose beckons and we have to respond accordingly.

In light of events in Paris,  this post is very much about reflection,  because as such, these events have changed the direction of the blog. Today our global sensibilities have been been profoundly affected, as shock, tragedy and life changing consequences seek to change the fabric of our society.

I have visited Paris many, many times. It is a city very close to my heart.  These photos are from last summer, to be precise 5 July 2014. These were taken in a few places across the city, and include the church garden of the very old,  beautiful church, St Germain des Pres, on the Boulevard St Germain des Pres.

IMG_7132  The garden has a ceramic frieze which says Sevres. The Treaty of Sevres was a peace treaty signed in 10 August 1920, between Turkey and the Allied Powers at Sevres.  The two forces of traditional Christian and Islamic ideologies.

The frieze shows many flowers and is in a style of Art Nouveau, using traditional ceramics from the time. Within the garden is an extraordinary tree with extremely large thorns, the largest I have ever seen on a plant. But in the same garden are pink roses, and on the other side of Paris, in apartment gardens near the Yves St Laurent Foundation, are white roses. Traditionally, bringing the red and white rose together, stands for unity.

IMG_7136 IMG_7143

The white rose is also a symbol for social democracy and across many countries, it is considered to imbue the best of human qualities, across all lands from Iran to China. Close to the ground, the common daisy stands for innocence,  faith and purity. At times like this, the small, simple and the pure overtakes  the grandeur of the sophisticated and flawless beauty of a perfect rose.


Grass symbolises submission. May those who lost their lives today in Paris rest in peace, but in memory of those, many others and our future, may our world continue to promote the liberty and conversations between all of us.

It would be fitting to remember the efforts made by many who have laid down seeds to grow and connect for the very best that humanity can promote.

IMG_6887  IMG_6933    IMG_6882  IMG_6888     IMG_6894


© 2015 La Floralie



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