46 2014 . For a little English Light Reign…

Part 1 New Year’s Eve


There is no exception, not even the grounds of Royal Buckingham Palace; English and other British Isle landscape is only green and lush, through the persistent moisture channelling within ingenious guises of plants and trees to promote their being.

Whatever the terrain, whether Welsh valleys, Scottish Highlands, English vales, water finds its way towards the light. In plant and tree, all forms – root, in seed, leaf, stem, branch, petal,  grow from the same technology. They form, survive and reform, remarkable in their abilities to deal with January’s heaviest downpours, February’s freakishly cold, dry air cuts,  before finally reaching the calm comforts of a soft and balmy fennel scented midsummer evening in June.

IMG_5964_2  IMG_6100 IMG_0576  IMG_1737

Guided by the light, there is no doubt, that trees are the guardians of our land.  With a focused mission to stretch towards the light source, it is with an inner sense of duty, not just determination, where there is an innate understanding that water really does have to find its way back up into the sky,  and it is the job of every tree to make sure that task really is completed.

However, the programming to reach blue space is not quite automatic. It is fraught with risk and so must be planned. For the next seasonal journey, water and light will prepare to partner in forming Spring diligence. The carriers, will be the new shoots, buds and leaves and unseen underground roots, carrying various life enhancing substances,  but they are all also the highly effective messengers of colour. Those multi-tasking skills, which we all admire so much, are much pronounced in the plants.


The strongest plant structures will evolve with height, breadth, strength and intelligence, and the most sophisticated are probably the trees. To complete, the offer of Spring, the season will finally become defined by  blossom and new colour. New colour, blissful petals, the final ornament, grace and form. Spring blossom. Against a blue sky, there is nothing better. The Spring water flower bowls,  are made to welcome life, christen hope and baptise happiness.

As the season progresses, after that triumph of the blossom has fallen, a Spring plant knows that if it is to survive, it must remain a very open channel in all weathers.  First of all, to further accommodate its progress of duty,  it will need to extend all its surface areas with high enthusiasm,  stems, branches, leaves and flowers.

Through Spring blossom making,  the process reaches hi-speed. The urgency to express new life is a strange recipe for any living being. As it seeks to continue on its journey, there will be conflict and contrast, excitement, but danger,  uncertainty and certainty, fragility and strength. All these seem odd fellows after the initial innocence, purity and hope promised in a new world discovery.

IMG_9906  IMG_0001                      IMG_0923  IMG_5121

But such new life and lovely colour, brings ceaseless and excitable chatter from the likes of the gentile anemones at Kensington Palace Garden.  Conversation pervades upwards through the Middle Lands to reach pink peonies in Stourbridge suburbia, and with the speed of the overnight stars, the whole of the United Kingdom will have received the goodwill messages of Spring within 24 hours.

Once the good news is given,  life is then tempted to get bigger and better, and the volume and brightness increases from field to flower box across the country. Once the last of the cherry blossom has floated down, it will become the turn of the bold Summer Petallics. After May time, their arrival comes with a psychedelic crescendo and sophisticated grandeur of fashionable European aristocracy.  A high summer splendour from the pines on the Cote d’Azur and the apres-ski Alpine florals,  brings more than a little excitement to the polite English Afternoon Tea Garden with poppies and roses.

Who in June will lead and attract the water and light,  and maintain this new generation? Who will source and preserve it? The Summer Petallics are briefed to tell all.


IMG_0447  IMG_3044       20140829_171209_1_bestshot 20140904_163812_8_bestshot


© 2014 La Floralie



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