45 Liquid grace

When snowfall arrived on Boxing Night in England, an English Christmas scene may have appeared complete, but it is something to ponder how the shortest days of Winter, can illumine the land, make time stand still, and even bring an apparent immortality.

For when it falls, a Winter’s night preserve of snowlight is not only its white silhouette.    Whatever a snow flake touches in its moment of soft cover,  there is also crisp revelation.  Previously buried truths have silent, but sharp visibility. Whilst they rise to the surface,  even death freezes. A truth’s moment will be brief, but poignant.

As snow lays suspended on moss,  blue skies will herald the its melt for the journey of next year’s Christmas Table Water. Winter sun will converge with snowfall for a new, pure trail of liquid grace to begin again.



© 2014 La Floralie

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