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A CHRISTMAS BOUQUET FOR THE WHOLE DAY                                            

Dawn Choral                                                                                                                 Morning’s Energy

Afternoon Sparkle                                                                                                     Come Nightfall


Life Enhancing . Earthed . Fresh . Green . Reliable                                                                                      Water flows in the vein, creates the fullness of the bud, the berry and defines the root.

20141211_122430_1_bestshot  20141211_122358_4_bestshot   20141206_160312  20141206_104351


Vibrancy . Zest .  A black authority, gold and green majesty and life’s rich blood drops. Earth’s ancient and modern powers fulfil the morning’s work.

cropped-20141206_161118.jpg    20141129_131409_8_bestshot  20141202_121233_3_bestshot  20141129_123056_6_bestshot             20141129_125941_5_bestshot  20141206_123753      20141206_124600


Resting for strength . Bodies transform to a metallic state.  Winter sun illumines silver and gold bark.   Wet, transforms dry coppery leaves and stems into vintage pewters and modern bronzes.  Air breathes fresh oxygen into a still day for a shimmering sparkle.

20141206_163021  20141206_12403520141206_124958  20141129_123418_3_bestshot20141018_175041  20141211_121324_8_bestshot


Reflection . Hedge and tree branches swathed with evening’s seed heads and frosted leaves,  grasp onto Winter’s Solstice until Titania breathes again at Midsummer. Fire will go deep in the earth. As the sun sets, water’s frozen crystals settling on ground leaves will preserve the memory of  another Christmas Day and another year, with a quiet, but timeless beauty.

20141206_162038  20141208_163650_3_bestshot 20141208_164031_8_bestshot  20141210_162916  20141218_18063320141213_163132_6_bestshot         A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS                                           [All photos December 2014 . UK]


© 2014 La Floralie

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