38 Beautiful Exposure

Sun cut frost from sunrise to sunset.

Winter’s Design Week 2014 ends in Stourbridge, UK 

20141206_082000 2 20141206_10311120141206_124958 20141206_16203520141206_10480720141206_124035 20141206_163021  20141206_163326

December 2nd-6th . Winter’s Design Week 2014

© 2014 La Floralie









  1. I love these images Jane. I don’t understand the ‘winters design week day 3’ and what that means. You conversing with the plants reminds me of Findhorn.


    1. Thanks very much Carol:)! I have heard of Findhorn.

      The Day 3 with the silver birch is comment on how this tree’s own make up, does an amazing job of adapting to life, so that even when it sheds its bark, that is part of a healthy process and one that contributes to it looking good.


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