37 Winter’s Design Week Day 3 . Silver Birch’s design lessons for modern grooming

Winter’s Design Week continues at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital garden, Birmingham, UK to complete its tree focus

December 4th  – 10.30-11.30 GMT

How does a silver birch keep looking so good?

“Whether young twigs, branches and a mature trunk, we keep it simple. We make the same one material – wood, and use it flexibly as if it were several materials to suit different conditions.

We are glossy and matt, dark and light, elastic and lightweight and ready for all weathers. We are also economic. We use what we need to maintain efficiency and we give back to the soil.”

20141204_113742_5_bestshot  20141204_113813_7_bestshot                                                      20141204_111955_3_bestshot  20141204_111922_7_bestshot

Does shedding skin really keep the bark wrinkle free?

“Wrinkle free, disease free and sustainable. Firstly, this is exfoliation and not giant eczema. It is a regular self-healing process, an inner cleanse and beauty treatment, which not only reveals a fresh, vibrant surface, but also feeds back discarded material as valuable nutrients for the soil.

We have a high rate of collaborative or symbiotic activity with other organisms, who like to work with us on our surface and that also helps us look good. Everybody wins. ‘Use, reuse and renew’ is more than a motto for good growth and satisfying maturity.  Shedding bark is part of growing well and contributes to the whole community.”

One could say, when we shed skin…. we are definitely ap-peeling.”

© 2014 La Floralie

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