32 For Britain’s city limes, clifftop ferns and country brambles

There is no escape from the tough promises of Autumn. Spring will surely come again, but it starts in Autumn’s encroaching darkness.  Nature alone owns the chemistry, the patent, to transform a whole season, and thus the definition of our land and future.

20141120_14092320141018_175334 - Version 3  20141018_175214 - Version 2

In the shorter daylight hours, droplets of time are filled with our moist island air.  From the “Jerusalem” hills to the concrete pave and chalk cliffs, wherever, Britain,  becomes re-defined through Autumn.

In the city, the peridot shades of planted limes of roads and canal sides will fade to palest yellow topaz.  In the country, there will be opalescent metamorphosis in the bramble hedgerows. Emerald leaves will transform to red, to orange, to gold.

All plants have their final moments, but when the heart of the sun can no longer be seen in the sky.  it does instead, place itself  in miniature, through a plant’s leaves.  As the leaves fall, the sun dutifully does its work to warm the soil for the next Spring. Such is regeneration.

Soon, no leaves on the trees means space. Space to see the sky and watch it blossom.

© 2014 La Floralie

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