23 Paris . Seduction of conflict and beauty

IMG_6945 IMG_6935 IMG_6884 IMG_7139

Just a few days in a city and the full season of love appears in a range of meanings.

A promise of pink rosy lips drifted alluringly on the green. A timeless addiction of mysticism within the heady exotic Orientalism of grasses and twisted low lying trunks kept their demeanour in the humidity and footsteps of the tiger, just as in the Henri Rousseau painting.


The finding of surreal thorns on a rose tree, presented a deeper meaning of the religious meaning of love in the Christian religion. Immense, singular 8 cm thorns, branch in all directions to intertwine with ivy in a churchyard. The crown of thorns and roses are an eternal symbol.

How have they evolved as a threat of cruelty or defensive edge, after a love reviled? How many decades and centuries of bliss and disappointment have there been?  Souls of Love Lost from the bitterness of wars, and Love Found in the hopes of peace, are commemorated in the silence of a church garden . The stories of the conflict and beauty of love are submerged in the soil, whilst  the stone walls know the far distant past and the columns uphold it.

The summer humidity in the city of Paris draws out its musty truths. The astonishing grounds of the ancient Church of St Germain des Pres, even the lineage of sparrows and pigeons find peace and feed together in its floral grounds.



© 2014 La Floralie


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