13 GREEN Sunday June 8 Nature Rests

From 8.00 GMT to 22.00 GMT

Morning breaks gently. No thunder bombing downpours, but a light refreshing  pit-pattering rain mixed with warm happy  and relaxing sunshine. Very measured. Deliberately intermittent. Creative balance at work.


This has been the weekend of the poppy, but little did I realise how much. It has become the most significant flower to observe through the past week. It has been everywhere.

IMG_0447 copy

On such a highly intense weekend journey of following nature, the learning curve is that I now have a much greater respect for the breathtakingly imperceptible; the changes in the atmosphere between wet and dry, cool and warm, still air and breeziness. How these billion trillion a second vibrations hit the plant world and affect the way we live, that constant complex pulse of life,  I never quite considered like this before.

The difference between the absence or presence of water, or how the quality of light affects the plant world and their evolution, simply went beyond a curious observation – it led me on a pathway towards the heart, the philosophy of nature, its very rationale.


I have taken almost 1300 photographs since Friday afternoon. I have found myself noting plants and their situation as I have never done before. I thought this was going to be a fully aesthetic journey on the senses. and it has., but it has become much more. Rich. Rich realisations. The inter relationships between ourselves and the plants, there are symbiosis we simply do not recognise or they are invisible. We have to relearn perception again. The way of the weather and the light that enters our atmosphere is a way through  We simply do not have milliseconds to waste.


End of green weekend event 23.53 GMT


© 2014 La Floralie



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