11 GREEN . SUNDAY 8 JUNE . 2. Realisations . i) The Story of the Lost Heart

Just a few hours ago I had dismissed  a gift  which I had been given freely and generously yesterday. It was a simple wayside poppy’s heart.


My abrupt disregard was because I simply didn’t think my photo was good enough. This innocent, but perfect little bystander looked like it was photoshopped.  For me ” Heaven forbid!” the idea of being accused of such tomfoolery in the interest of nature and authenticity.  Howevert the fragile poppy had been moving in the lightest air flow and  so its tissuey petals could not be still, thus the image of the poppy retained the haze of movement, and its unique heart shape at moonrise last night.

When I relooked at the picture, I realised I was in danger of missing my own point .  The  gentle movement of the “heart” had lent its romantic haze , but I made a “sensible” decision that it was  “not good enough”  and there was no place for it on my blog. Woe was me. I had foolishly wanted a grander picture, but the essence of simplicity  is not grandeur. I reflected.What had I been thinking? How many times have I done this – that is, missed the point through crass stupidity?

So, small, delicate and simple Wayside Poppy, can I be forgiven?  I wish to leave my head behind for your heart. You are for real.  I shall feel honoured to have your presence if you can take your rightful place for your own post.

Thank you for your grace and patience. This portrait of old and new Wayside Poppy Soldiers in love is for you.

But……I am sorry it is so small –  otherwise you will look too hazy and I can not bear to throw you away twice  – or it will be my lost heart I shall be seeking.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.40.38


© 2014 La Floralie



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