10 GREEN . SATURDAY 7 JUNE . 1. Influences

The weekend exhibition work will begin with a selection of photographs taken on Saturday 7 June, to be on keeping  with Nature and the weather through the day.

The 3 themes

Garden and WET

Town and DRY

Rural and LIGHT

1. GARDEN and WET The Morning After The Night Before

06.00 GMT  Saturday 7 June


In the early hours, the skies thundered with the sound of a thousand popping champagne corks as if to wet the head of another UK June summer’s day.

When rain rains, birds do not sing. Once it ceases, birds  resume their traveling songs. As they fly,  they also carry the destiny of seeds on their wing. As 7.30 approached, the cloud canopy was now holding, it was time to trust the birdsong and go into the garden to pick up the party pieces from the night before.

After a harsh storm  sobers the atmosphere, and has unforgivingly bombarded the grasses,  light of day receives safe passage. In anthesis to the storm, this new 24 hour era continues softly with the promise of peace.


A post-storm morning light is something special. There is a hazy, slightly surreal quality to it where time feels almost suspended. It can be a little confusing, more like evening than day. Something presses as if the planet’s ancient ancestry within its earth and air are silently watching to see if we can use these moments of the day wisely.


The poppies have withstood the storm. Their loyalty and community is remarkable, but even as the brightest flowers of the garden, they recognise too well that life is all evolving, and as individuals, they know they have to transform for Nature to run its course.


One such silent one, is found enwrapped in its own fading petal beauty,  has indeed transformed.  From English unwavering neon bravado, it has become an understated, cloaked and silent watchman.


Now in its mature stage, with a knowledge of life after the experience of events, it welcomes all life in the garden as friends rather than foes, and does not waiver at the snail nourishing on its sleeve.

2. TOWN and DRY 14.30 GMT

IMG_0900  IMG_0966   IMG_1018  IMG_1023

3. RURAL and LIGHT 20.30 GMT

THE SKY AT MOONRISE   Place: The Bridgnorth Road, Staffordshire

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 23.02.47


Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 23.08.39 20.30pm


Light diffuses and a single wsyside poppy sets the end of Saturday night with heart

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 23.07.51

By the end of the evening,  the three themes of influence  found that poppies abounded, and there seemed much in the surrounding scenery which drew symbolical reference to D-Day literally naturally. Finally the wayside poppy even gave me its heart.

© 2014 La Floralie

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