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This event was live from 18.00-21.13 GMT sunset time. This has now ended, but you are now welcome in your own local time to enjoy how the evening progressed. The events were timed through the evening.

1 18.00 GMT

Welcome to Green. We will start the Private View this evening in remembrance for D Day with the poppy.

The poppy roots itself without thought of comfort. It is also a poignant  reminder of our land,  the countryside and our urban environment which many departed from, never to return.

Those who did, have over the seasons, maintained their proud stature as old soldiers, Like the poppy,  as they fade, they can not be forgotten. They gave their best, they gave their all.


18. 15 GMT

These two pictures have been taken today in keeping with the anniversary. Poppies only fade from the very edge of their wonderful fragile and stunning petals. Their centre strength is their core. It remains sturdy, upright and reliable to the very last.


18.30 GMT

From our thoughtful interlude, La Floralie would now like to warmly welcome you. This event is simply for pleasure. It is a lovely Friday June evening. With a week of “after the sun the rain, after the rain the sun”, from my perspective the season is ripening so very quickly.

I would like to share that with you, wherever you maybe right now. I live in Stourbridge, UK and my artwork is based on my travels and especially the locality. So tonight, I bid you welcome to the flora of Stourbridge, UK.


Nature  has a busy habit of working faster than the internet.  Summer forwards with irreversible  hi tech change,  so this is another reflective interlude of how our floral world has been travelling through the quarter, from 1st Spring to 1st Summer.

In England, if March 1st was sunny,  our Spring’s announcement was very understated. After Winter hibernation, the seeds, trees and flowers like to ensure they are lightly seen, but not heard. With the short days, light pours through the airspace to hit the surface of the woods and the earth. The year begins as wispy coatings of lichen lick the bark with green life and faint whisperings of growth from the ground below.  

March’s delivery is supersoft, but strong. The silky and silvery Pussy Willow are the velvet ear muffs of the woods. High above the ground, the evergreen conifers we associate with Winter wonderlands, admonish that Spring is their time,  and they begin to show off new glossy needles.  Forthright japonica makes an attention stopping showcase in best scarlet. A look to  remind us that the Spring’s silent strength is not to a shy one.

IMG_6277  IMG_6602                   IMG_6355  IMG_6379

When March passes the weather to April , it is for the responsibility to the early small fruiting blossoms. The month of part-time sunshine and showers, April in England offers the ultra in luxury treatments in providing micro climates of gentlest humidity, but Nature stands to attention for orders.

The tightest flower buds define the caution, but all blooms must wait, until everybody on the branches is ready to go. Collective harmony is very important for successful floral-chorals. At “plant class”,  each part of the plant understands its future purpose.  In Nature’s early Spring orchestra,  to play one’s part well, a blossom must open, close and drop at the right moments. Timing is impeccable. April’s due exit is when the showers of raining cherry  petals have finished falling.

IMG_6749  IMG_6683              IMG_6628  IMG_6745

19.00 GMT

Even a season can get too sensible. With a more even and temperate climate, a tour de la force brings a gale of celebrity glamour, power  and influence to high Spring,  and May throws a party. Throughout May,  roses begin their reign. Roses are like no other flower.  In seducing the sense, their blooms are like young brides. Twice blessed,  their silken natural grace and beauty fills a vision and paired with an irresistible perfumed sensuality, both insects and humans become lost in a rose’s wonder. Can such a level of perfection be moral justice for the rest of the floral kingdom?

19.30 GMT


Perfect grace and heavenly joy, the mystical rose is the Madonna flower. To partake of its aesthetic pleasures, it rescues us from ourselves and guides the insects to their life’s work. A rose’s saintly looks and fragrance has divine vocation for the senses.

If the rose takes most of our attention, it does not stand alone in the defining the power of Spring in the garden.  The iris, is as opposite to a rose,  as fat is to thin. An iris does not have the bosomy fullness of the rose, but an exquisite and delicate ardour of an orchid . With multi-patternation on the petals,  and with elegant oriental-like form,  iris makes a highly decorative  statement, but life is short. Its elegant exoticism, lasts for just the month of May.


And one begins to watch the charm slowly set in.  Iris flowers age gracefully.  Petals do not drop and fade. The iris has a haunting watercolour like beauty. As their fragile flower deteriorates, they somehow exude more strength and more sophistication, more lavish colour, more delicate texture.



19.37 GMT

At this point the colour has been tuned up. It is important to point out that I have taken all the photos  and all except for the above two iris pictures are as taken. Absolutely all as seen. I also manipulate the pixels on images as if oil paint, but the colour always remains untouched .

3 NEXT 19.42 GMT

So now we are in June and we will move on with our exhibition to celebrate the season. We will now be taking a little refreshment break and then you are directed to the gallery at 20.00 for new work.

Then in preparation for the Sunset Hour and the after sunset garden party, we will be having a small fashion  discussion on the latest in Nature’s hat and shoe design for now. This will be for around 20.30 GMT. Let us take a break and we will resume just after 20.00 GMT. Please do feel free to wonder around the garden gallery.


For this evening,  Natural Straws have sponsored the event. Highly innovative in their ideas, they are of the moment.  Tonight, the drink is being positionned on the outside of the straws. This is new. Enjoy the experience and do let us have your feedback.


Around the garden we have also the natural rose bowls. It was most convenient that a light shower filled the roses for both theirs and our delight. Please help your selves. Rose are also edible,. We do also have for the more conventional damson wine, sloe gin cocktails with garden herbs and crushed ice  – or English dandelion tea.

IMG_9907  IMG_0555

4 THE GALLERY . IN SEASON . All from from this very week in rain and shine

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 20.03.50

Weather. We had heavy and light . The Look. Strong and delicate . Unexpected textures, colours and effects




The outfit and makeup for the Sunset Hour has been created out of the flora. This lawn of fallen azalea has created the palette for the make up. One can see the colours of the closed eye on the lawn. Just to the left is the concept for the Eye;lid Hat with an azalea growing out of it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 17.33.36

Finally the fashion illustration shows the hat and outfit inspired from the  showered rose bowl rose this week, which gradually dsintegrated by today. Here in the painting it has evolved to become a type of Rose Orchidee.  This weekend will show the paintings of this series Grace Rose. Now it is the Sunset Hour 21.13. The Garden Party begins.

 The Hat and Dress 2014-06-06 at 15.13.11   IMG_0328 8

© 2014 La Floralie


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