8 Salvation

Did it really rain yesterday?

Today the skies were clear, all day. Yesterday Nature appeared to degenerate,  but today it would reform.

In the presence of a wet day, colour intensifies, form dematerialises. It always seems that the short-lived truths have the greatest beauty.


24 hours of grey can be a triumph, as rain provides a day of mercy  for the dull and the smallest, as brightest giants fall.


In the absence of water, but the presence of light,  the remains of the day become clear for all to see.

When the physique appears to be most fragile, form  and function is the priority.  In ageing, only pride used thoughtfully can maintain the body.


Through toughest storm, the gentlest hearts will remain together.


Like a bowl of roses, for those who seek it, water can fill their life, with pleasures abundance.


When the light comes, the exact, very same flower will know exactly how to respond.


Grace was indeed sunny today.

© 2014 La Floralie


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