6 June speaks – 2 important announcements



June 1st,  As Spring closed, Summer had opened and a pair of rose twins celebrated their life’s meaning. The creative tension of another productive labour was released at midnight on Saturday, as the clock passed from May 31st to June 1st,  Rose Spring nestled comfortably cheek to cheek with Rose Summer.

When Spring reaches its optimum fullness in the last hours on the final dusk of May, and moves into the first rising dawn of Summer,  there is no conflict or difficulty of letting go.  When identical twins are born, Nature deliberately plans for no noticeable dissimilarity, but to the most discerning travelling eyes and ears on the blossoms,  there are creatures whose life role it is to be perceptive on deviation.    They are all in Nature’s business of understanding the signs of the slightest difference which brings change.

For us mere mortals, the connection between the last day of one month  and the first day of the next, is usually the matter of salary,  and the balance  between the incomings and outgoings, However,  Nature’s payday always seeks to reward its workers with the type of seed packet which can swiftly evolutionise lives for the better.

By May’s end and June’s start,  only the sun can make light progress of the important work of the  greening and flowering, and the ripening and seed creation.


The birth of twins along with a new season demands special celebration. As an Event Management Director with perfect project planning skills,  Nature timed the arrival of this year’s seasonal change to coincide at a weekend as well as the 1st of the month. Saturday 1st March, was the sunniest first Spring day of the year,  whilst Sunday 1st June heralded summer warmth.  Sunday afternoon reserved cream tea sunshine and sky blue skies, and a summer garden party of smallest proportions would be its pleasure.

The party would also honour special guests –  the ladybirds and frogs, the trends analysts of air, land and water, decipher change in the aim to keep our summers healthy. Roses would not bloom without them. Ladybirds whose tireless efforts are vital in the Rose Rescue Service, often serve on the liberation front  against the dastardly destructive green aphids. Frogs who await in the long grasses listening for both kind and dangerous passers-by, play their part in  thankless community service. They frequently will deliver a rose’s leaves from an unpleasant situation of utter decimation with over indulgent and rude slugs.

The high command for Sunday’s event was sent for a frog pond to be especially built in under 2 hours. A tall order, no expense was spared.  An old sink, old felt and old pavement flag were very trendily recycled to create a watery marquee for the green and amphibious.

Sunday June 1st. The glory of sunshine had finally hit our land.  Garden parties aside,  I realised that Summer’s happiness was right in front me.


Lady Bird 12 Spot dutifully doing her stuff down the Fennel “Aphid” Highway in the morning before the party.  She planned her very spectacular garden party jive around her own unique, aphid experiences in life; something called the Good Rid Dance. A huge hit, everybody got the bug.





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